Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's All About Volume

Being busy the last couple of weeks I wasn't able to post a lot since I always want to take my time to find a special location that suits the way I feel that day.. Lately I have been very into petticoat kind of skirts as I love the volume and the look of it.. You can combine it with practically anything.. You can either dress it up with a party top or dress it down with a denim blouse or t-shirt whatever the occasion. But keep in mind that wearing heels underneath it, is a must!

It's easy to find petticoats in a lot of vintage stores, stores where you can buy theme clothes and stores that sell old rock n roll clothing.

Top: Stella McCartney
Petticoat: Vintage
Underskirt: Homemade
Shoes: Zara

Love Lyn