Sunday, July 25, 2010

Between The Lines

The weather is weird's clouded, the sun is hidden behind the grey sky but it's still comfortable to go outside without a jacket. We have this kind of weather very often in the Netherlands. I'm not very fond of these in- between days where you can't really go out and enjoy the sun. On the other side there's no rain so you don't really have to stay in.. Since it's Sunday and there's not really anything to do it's time to go through my closet and organize everything again.
But first my outfit for the day.. The trousers are actually for men. Yet with a simple small waist belt you can fit them to your own size. This way the edges go outward which shape the trousers a bit like a carrot.
Furthermore my shoes have an intriguing pattern which I have emphasized with the stripes of my Tshirt.
I don't plan on cleaning my room with these heels, but it's just for the picture ;)..

Below you can see that the legs of the trousers have been adjusted to skinny legs..This way you can make the pants more feminine.

I am fascinated by the pattern of these shoes because the style looks a bit like Mondrian.

Here's a close up on the carrot effect..

Tshirt: Zara
Trousers: Vintage @ episode
Belt: Vintage @ episode
Bracelet: Vintage @ episode
Shoes: New Look

Love Lyn

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suit Yourself

It has almost been a week since my last post so I felt that it was more than time for a new one. Today's fashion picks are the jumpsuit and boyfriend blazer. Now I do know that it's summer and almost 30 degrees so this outfit is not ideal if you want to cool off, but I wanted to show it to you..
The great thing about a boyfriend blazer is that you can make something that is casual look more sophisticated. It is like the cherry on top of the pie in a way that it can be the final touch that makes the entire outfit. I choose to wear high heels, but you can dress down by wearing slippers or low allstars.

At first sight the jumpsuit looks like a dress, but I hope you can see that the middle is sewn together so that you have small shorts.

A nice detail of the jumpsuit is that it has puffed sleeves and an open back.. without the blazer it is more casual and convenient to when you're chilling in the park or for a city walk.

Blazer: Zara
Jumpsuit: Zara
Skull ring: H&M
Necklace only you: Bought in Shanghai
Bracelet: Vintage
Shoes: Zara

Love Lyn

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Suspend That..

When it comes to fashion there is always something that inspires me to make a combination. Also daily things I come across, such as ads and TV shows, can invoke associations that I base my idea of what I will wear upon. In this case I was inspired by an add of Chanel. To me the jacket that I am wearing is a typical Chanel style white, short with gold buttons combined with the classic pearl necklace. The floral skirt and high heels give it a more sweet touch. The suspenders give the entire combination a playful touch and I often use them as a contrast to other items that I am wearing.

Although the shoes do not necessarily match the outfit in terms of color, they give a strong accent in combination with a bag in the same color.

The suspenders can make an outfit more boy-ish or business. I often use them when I wear I high waist skirt or pants..just to give the outfit a more personal detail.

Jacket: H&M
T- Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Long pearl necklace
Suspenders: Bought in NY
Bag: Bought in a boutique in Shanghai
hot pink tail on the bag was bought on a market in Switzerland
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara

Love Lyn

Monday, July 5, 2010

To The Max

In this dress I always feel as if my length is endless..The great thing about a maxi dress is that it makes you taller and it is always an eyecatcher! Therefore you don't need to accessorize that heavily and I tried to keep it simple with a long necklace which matches with the colour of my boots.
With respect to shoes I stuck to cowboy boots, but off course the possibilities are numerous. You can wear the dress with sandals or even high heels as long as they fit the type of dress you are wearing.

My shadow follows me everywhere

Done for the day...and time to eat some artichokes!

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Bought at a market in the South of France
Cowboy boots: Vintage (my mom's)

Love Lyn
Photos by Lucienne van Holthe