Monday, January 24, 2011

EDW- The School Bust

Today my outfit is inspired by the School Look.. This look almost always consist of a blazer, blouse, bow tie and not to be forgotten over knee socks.

This look is considered boyish, but that all depends on the way you combine it. Here are some styling tips..

With trousers it would like more boyish so I choose to wear a skirt to style it in a more feminine way.

Now for the bow tie..For us women it is difficult to find a nice looking bow tie.. So I took one of the bows that I normally put in my hair. I buttoned my blouse all the way up and attached the hairpin to the upper button.

Off course the over knee socks, which I love during the winter.. You can wear them with flats and high heels and it can really finish a look..

Aside to that I am wearing an oversized male blouse, which is not really formed to the female body, but with a sleek blazer you create a more shaped look.

That was it for today.. Hope you enjoyed my School Look!

Bow tie: Vintage
Blouse: Bijenkorf
Blazer: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Socks: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Vintage

Love Lyn

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion Show- Parfum de Victoire

Today I will show you the pictures of the fashion show that I organized on the 6th of December in Palais des Congres in Grasse, France.
The event Parfum de Victoire was organized by the Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif Cote d'Azur in celebration of many French Olympic Athletes, such as: Stéphane Diagana, Yannick Agnel and Camille Muffat.

Together with a group of 7 other girls from my master, we started with the preparations in September and had about 4 months to hunt the models, organize the event and design all the garments in the theme of India.

The initial idea was to design hats for this show, but this quickly evolved into designing clothes. There were 4 different designers that each made their own designs for the fashion show.

So watch and enjoy the diary of my first fashion show..

This was the make up look for my models.. As my garments are very colorful I wanted to have colorful make up as well. As the theme was India I looked for inspiration on Youtube and pictures of Arabian and Indian make up.

I decided to go for eye make up with peacock colors, a hard eye liner around it and hot pink lips for that extra effect..
Here you can see a little of the make up process..

And voila, after 2 hours of continuous work, all of my models were finished in the make up department..

Time for the first runway practice..

After that I started with the hair of each of my models which took another 2,5 hours..
I wanted to create a hairdo which was inspired by the Indian bum, but with a Western twist by adding a lot of volume to it..

All of the designers on the catwalk..
This was the opening speech right before the fashion show started

And there they go my pretty models..

Here you can see all of the garments together

The Finale with all the models of the show together

Some group pictures with the models and the fashion designs

Here are some close- ups of each design..
My main idea was incorporate traditional Indian elements, patterns and colors into a contemporary and feminine look.

I did not use any patterns to make the garments. Instead I draped them on a hanger and on myself. Subsequently I attached the parts together with pins so that I know how to sew them together.

Each of the garments has a special emphasis on the back. This has a sort of surprise effect which I am fond of in an outfit.. When you look at the garment from the front you would not expect it to have an open back, but once the person turns around you..

The first outfit is a dress with a waterfall neck with a waist belt and a sequin open back.

There's the surprise

The second outfit is a harem pants with a top that is wrapped around the model. The baize necklace is inspired by the Egyptian farao neck jewelry.

The left dress was inspired by the Greek way of draping of clothes. It has the same waist belt as the first outfit and a loose sleeve that covers one arm.
The right dress is actually a high waist skirts combined with a short top with an open back. The skirt is actually made with a hullahoop and was inspired by Indian jewelry. The shoulder patches are made of the same fabric as the skirt to create a harmonious look.

Final backstage photos together
This fashion show was a great experience and I really had a lot of fun to organize it and to see the final result off course.
It made me realize that I made the right choice to do a master in luxury and fashion management and that I love to do this kind of work.

I hope all of you enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the diary of the Fashion Show Parfum de Victoire!

Love Lyn

Special thanks to the models: Loulou, Laetitia, Anastasiia and Sabrina

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EDW- Lammy

Today in EveryDayWear, I am gonna focus on the Lammy trend of this winter.

I'm usually not fond of adhering to each and every trend of the season since there are other ways to look fashionable by just combining the things you already have. For instance like I did in this outfit.. I just combined a motorcycle leather jacket with a fake fur body warmer and voila there's your 'Lammy inspired coat'.

As for the rest of the outfit, it does not really matter what you wear with it as the combination practically fits anything..

So I look forward to see your own 'Lammy combinations'..If you are interested you can send your pictures to me and I will select the best ones to appear on my blog!

Another plus is that you can also use the body warmer and leather jacket separately so their use is multifunctional..

Jacket: Supertrash
Fake fur bodywarmer: Esprit
Tunique: Supertrash
Legging: H&M
Socks: Zara
Shoes: Louboutin
Bag: Zara

Love Lyn

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As you all might know, today was the launch of the Lanvin collection of H&M and off course I couldn't resist to buy at least something of it.. but I will have to wait until I get back to the Netherlands to open up my deliveries!

So I got up at 7 am to set myself up for the massive attack on the online shop.. From prior experience of standing in line at the door made me choose for the more comfortable option of shopping at home:)..

Yes call me crazy but I had two computers as reinforcement! So as soon as the clock on my laptop hit 8.00 AM I started to click on the shop.. one went immediately into the waiting line..GREAT.. so much for that! But luckily the other one did get in so I could shop at ease without having to get into cat fights with other women..

So rara the theme of today is my interpretation of Lanvin.. When I think of Lanvin I think of volume, rich fabrics and details. The collection of Lanvin for H&M is somewhat in line with this but it incorporates more outspoken colors. Besides the colors are combined in such a way that they really pop into your as color loving person I was really inspired by this!

Key ingredients of my Lanvin style: flowers, pearls, waist belt, some sparkles and a petticoat to get the volume effect..

Hairband: Accessorize
Top: Fashion for Aids
Necklaces: pearls, H&M
Skirt: Vintage
Petticoat: Vintage
Shoes: New Look

Love Lyn

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mademoiselle Beetlejuice

What a life, what a life.. I've had a lovely vacation back in the Netherlands and saw my family and friends. So I'm all set to get back to the normal life here in France which is not bad at all.. Sunny weather, 16 degrees and no classes until next wednesday..I really have to enjoy all my free time now as this might be the last year that I'm studying.
In the meanwhile when is wasn't posting anything I've been working on clothes for a fashion show the 6th of december. The fashion show is organized by the program director of my master and I'm working with 6 girls on the clothes for this Indian inspired fashion show. While I was working I realized how much I love it that I have the chance to do something which I really really like.. So never be afraid to follow your heart and take chances to become whatever you love to do in life!!

Always combine something that is oversized with something that is tight otherwise it looks as if you put on a garbage bag..

Lovely sun:)

What I really like is the combination of turquoise with black and white, because it really emphasizes and brings out the turquoise as an eyecatcher!

Headband: H&M
Tshirt: Lulu
Necklace: Jacky
Colbert: H&M
Legging: Zara
Shoes: H&M

Love Lyn